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Rawdon Hill Construction Pty Ltd

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About Rawdon Hill Constructions

Rawdon Hill Constructions was founded over 40 years ago and has evolved into one of Melbourne’s leading home building companies, employing over 100 people across Sales, Management, Design and Construction. With over 5000 homes built, Rawdon Hill continues to build homes to the highest standards as they continue to evolve to bring the latest techniques and designs to their homes.

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Business Challenges

Rawdon Hill found that with their continuous success in building quality homes, their was an increased demand for their services, therefore the company went through unprecedented growth.

They also wanted to connect their growing number of display homes, geographically located throughout South East Victoria, to Rawdon’s network.

With this growth came a number of operational challenges. Rawdon Hill quickly identified that they required not only an IT solution that was scalable with their growing business, but also a partner that could not only scale with them but also support Rawdon Hill whilst being their Trusted Advisor for future direction.

The challenge was to consolidate and manage their IT infrastructure, whilst enabling their expanding team access from anywhere to all key business services.

The Solution

SIAX was able to consolidate localised infrastructure by moving key business functionality to the cloud. With the introduction of Microsoft 365, this allowed for the use of Exchange, SharePoint and Teams for improved communication and collaboration between internal administrative staff and external job site personnel.  

SIAX used Meraki Teleworker infrastructure for the display homes to enable 4G data capacities and wireless.

SIAX also overlayed a customised Managed Service Agreement which was designed to assist Rawdon Hill  manage their technology environment on an ongoing basis by transferring day-to-day I.T related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations.

The Benefits

Microsoft 365 Business is a holistic business solution for Rawdon Hill, which offers their business the most useful applications and tools to strengthen their operations, work more efficiently and in the end, help to improve customer satisfaction. Powered by the Office 365 suite, the solution provides all the essential tools for Rawdon Hill’s business operations, collaboration, security, and productivity.

SIAX opted for Meraki infrastructure for their display homes as it maintains the same SSID for wireless across the entire company, whilst allowing for secure site to site VPN capabilities. The biggest benefit here is that when the display home is sold, this solution can be easily moved to a new display home. This saves Rawdon Hill the cost of signing up for a data connection or NBN for an extended commitment period.

The SIAX Managed Services platform was customised to align with Rawdon Hill’s  I.T requirements. The subscription model and ability to customise by adding or deleting devices from the Managed Service Agreement coverage, enabled Rawdon Hill to meet seasonal demand without over capitalising.

SIAX’s Managed Services platform offers Rawdon Hill monitoring, alerting and proactive management of their  I.T infrastructure and Cloud Platforms all at one fixed price per month, therefore eliminating the financial burden of capital spending.

Microsoft 365 & SIAX Managed Services Agreement

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft's productivity suite with tools such as the Office Suite, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and all encapsulated with advanced security features. Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, therefore allowing for full-featured experience that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, as long as they're online.

SIAX’s Managed Services Platform puts business grade services in reach of all organisations. Our Managed Services Platform can help businesses realise productivity benefits across their entire organisation, allowing them to focus on growing their business with the assurance that the technology that runs their business is in good hands.

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