Cyber Security - Its not just an IT problem anymore

Our work habits have changed and with that comes the need for cyber resilience to be a top priority for all businesses - both during and post pandemic. Cyber resilience will no longer be "just IT's problem" - with users working on their personal devices and via their home/personal networks, it is going to come down to you, the user, to be aware, vigilant and cognizant of your web security and how your actions can directly affect business. One of the best ways to do this is fo

Virtual Schools leads to increased Cyberattacks

Just like businesses are having to deal with the new normal of a remote work life, our children are having to adjust to their new "virtual" schooling that they have been forced to undertake during this pandemic. Unfortunately what has come with the new virtual schooling is also a sharp rise in cyberattacks aimed at the education sector due to the increased time spent online by children & adults in their (possibly) less secure home environments. Attacks such as email phishing,