Microsoft Teams | Introducing Microsoft Teams

There has been no doubt that the last 5 months has been the most challenging time in modern history. These are unprecedented times and businesses are being forced to make significant changes in how they operate by undertaking a business transformation of sorts to ensure they can operate remotely. That’s where SIAX and Microsoft Teams comes in. You can call, chat, meet, and collaborate from anywhere, anytime! To learn more, visit:

Microsoft Teams | Rooms - Working like you are all in one place

Microsoft Teams Rooms helps keep all employee's engaged and provides an inclusive feeling to all your team members, no matter where they are working from. With minimal hardware required, it makes the implementation of MS Teams Rooms is easy to deploy for any business. For more information visit: #remoteworkplace #inclusive #MSTeamsRooms #micros

Microsoft Teams | The good, the bad & the fatigue of a remote workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen workplaces forced to drastically change their stance on remote working and the formal 9am-5pm work schedule. Businesses have had no choice but to make working remotely a viable and successful option for staff. Microsoft's new Teams "Together Mode" is working to help decrease "remote meeting fatigue" and a "focus status" to let your team know when you are setting time aside to focus on work. While the physical "office" will never truly disappear