Cisco Umbrella Meeting Cloud Network Security Challenges

Cisco Umbrella provides multiple security functions in a single cloud security service. It brings together DNS-Layer security, interactive threat intelligence, a secure web gateway plus integration with Cisco SD-WAN delivered from a single cloud security service. Umbrella’s DNS-layer security provides the fastest and easiest way to improve your security. It improves visibility, detect compromised systems and protect users on and off the network by stopping threats over any po

What is DNS Protection & Why is it Important

Uncontrolled internet access is a high-risk activity for any business regardless of size. Anti-Virus is no longer enough!

The Essential Guide to Cybercrime Protection

All businesses understand the growing need and importance of security. However, the business of cybercrime continues to grow at an alarming rate. 76% of businesses worldwide have reported being exposed to some form of cyber-attack. In Australia alone this amounts to over 23,000 businesses. Businesses need complete layered security solutions because no one technology can prevent or eliminate cyberattacks by itself. To defend against cyberattacks, it is important to look at the